Live music on MAIN stage daily from 17 till 22

Monday evening, 14th of August

17:00 Vilnis Dumpis & Gints Žilinskis, 20:00 Jussendo Trio

Tuesday evening, 15th of August

17:00 El Alma, 20:00 Atis Ieviņš & The Rockbrothers

Wednesday evening, 16th of August

17:00 Rihards Lībietis & Gints Smukais, 20:00 SunSuns

Thursday evening,17th of August

17:00 Jussendo Duo, 20:00 Laimas muzykanti

Friday evening, 18th of August

17:00 Anete Kotoviča, 20:00 Neaizmirstulītes & Laimis Rācenājs

Saturday evening, 19th of August

13:00 Fomk In Duo, 17:00 Taranda Duo, 20:00 Mariachi banda SOL Y SOMBRA

Sunday evening, 20th of August

13:00 Žu Duo, 17:00 Jānis Lemežis, Ainis Rudzītis, 20:00 Anete Kotoviča

Monday evening, 21st of August

17:00 Lībietis un Daugaviete, 20:00 Otava Yo

Tuesday evening, 22nd of August

17:00 Alise Kante & Āris Ozols, 20:00 Josh Johnstone Band

Wednesday evening, 23rd of August

17:00 Fomk In Duo, 20:00 The Swamp Shakers

Thursday evening,24th of August

17:00 Vilnis Dumpis & Gints Žilinskis, 20:00 Ivars Pētersons

Friday evening, 25th of August

17:00 Taranda Duo, 20:00 Anete Kotoviča

Saturday evening, 26th of August

13:00 Jussendo Duo, 17:00 Anete Kotoviča, 20:00 Latvian Blues Band

Sunday evening, 27th of August

13:00 Edits Šnipke, 16:00 Jānis Lemežis, Ainis Rudzītis, 20:00 Bloody Heels

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